Marianna Shirinyan has recently released the album "Fait pleurer les songes" together with Guro Kleven Hagen! For their CD, the two musicians chose Ravel's "Sonate pour violon et piano (posthume)", our Audio of the Week, as well as music by Francis Poulenc and Sergei Prokovief.

"Fait pleurer les songes" has been released by Simax Classics.

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Concerts and events with the premiertone artists


We are happy to start this weekly preview with a real highlight: Sunhae Im interpretes the solo soprano part in… Read more


This week the Berliner Morgenpost reviewed the benefit concert "Musicians4UnitedEurope", which is an initiative by Alban Gerhardt. The livestream of the concert @Radialsystem V is still online: CLICK

Always worth to read: @VAN Magazin with their articles about teaching music....unfortunately only in German.
 bringt eine Artikelserie zum Thema "Musikunterricht" - total spannend!… Read more


The Trio Rafale (based in Switzerland) received the German Record Critic's Award for their recent recording, congratulations! 
I really like their video with Schumann - enjoy watching and listening!



Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

Less festivals, but some masterclasses and, of course, plenty of great concerts - next week won’t be less exciting than this one!

The performances of Morton Feldman’s “Rothko Chapel” are a special highlight for everyone who likes New Music. Andra Darzins is going to interpret the solo viola part in the concerts on May 25th (Speyer) and May 28th (Stuttgart). There is also another chance to listen to Joachim Heintz’ “Streichquartett mit Live-Elektronik” - if you missed the… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

Festival season has started - this becomes quite clear when you have a look at the upcoming concerts and events for this week! Claudio Bohórquez appears on May 20th and 21st during Internationales Kammermusikfest Verden, and Jonian-Ilias Kadesha has been invited for May 20th by Bronnbacher Musikfrühling. During Havelländische Musikfestspiele, you can listen to percussionist Read more


At the age of 88 years, the music reviewer Joachim Kaiser died this week. Instead of an obituary, we decided to let him speak for himself in this post - with a very personal and also very humorous episode of "Kaisers Klassik-Kunde". He produced these videos between 2009 and 2011 with the SZ-Magazin.

In the video we choosed, Joachim Kaiser answers to the question if (especially amateur) musicians may play difficult pieces that they will never be able to play without mistakes. 

Are you a member at a gym? 

And how often do you go? Have you been there this year already?
If yes, great! Keep it up!

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Everyone who knows me, now wonders why I take sports again as a metaphor. ;-)

But it just works so well.

Creating a website is like a sprint. You collect all the equipment you need and you quickly have a pretty, new website. You are excited, looking at the outcome and you can lay back.

And then?

The website just exists. Somewhere in the big world wide web. The news and events you put on, soon get out of date, the chamber music projects have ended, you have a new position now..

My experience is that most website that have been created are up to date for a few months – at best. After that they become outdated.

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Sommerzeit ist Festivalzeit! Viele premiertone-Künstler sind deutschland-und europaweit bei namhaften Musikfestivals zu hören.
Hier folgt eine kleine Auswahl und Tipps zum Nachhören & Ansehen für diese Woche:
- das Trio Karénine ist beim MDR Musiksommer
- Sunhae Im singt Mahler's Zweite beim Verbier Festival
- Thorsten Johanns ist bei den… Read more