what is premiertone

In the world of classical music, a lot has changed in the past 10-15 years.
The changes have happened so quickly that sometimes you can hardly follow, at least that is how it feels.

As in many other industries, social networks play a big part and nowadays you can achieve a certain level of awareness on your own, even without major labels, agencies or similar career boosters.

As a musician, you need to deal with a much larger competition than before, because careers can ignite much faster, earlier and all push into the same (still quite small) market.
The structural changes (shrinking of major labels, CD sales are continuously declining) also mean that as an artist you have to consider to pick up the reins!

Image building and self-marketing, professional and authentic appearance is more important than ever, with which every musician has to deal at some point.

premiertone was the first service agency to recognize the artists’ online presence as an essential marketing tool and to adapt its range of services to the developments mentioned.

With this view of expertise and a clear concept, we show you the next steps and support you on the way to your success!

est. 2010

premiertone is an expert since 2010 for online marketing and consulting.

It was founded by friends Anke Fehring and Julia Kadar, who jointly developed the business concept. Anke Fehring began working as business and life coach in summer 2013 at which point Julia Kadar took on the management of the business.

premiertone grew out of a passion for classical music and the ambition to provide an innovative service for musicians, to enable them to give their full concentration to their wonderful profession.
You can read more details about our repertoire here.

Julia Kadar

I soaked up classical music with breast milk, so to speak; my parents were enthusiastic and good amateur musicians. I played the violin myself for almost 20 years and studied Music Pedagogy with first study violin at Cologne University.
Out of curiosity and looking for more music in my life, I ended up in cultural management, more precisely at the renowned Kronberg Academy.
Since then there has been no turning back, just a path into the depths (and shallows) of the classical music industry.

The fascinating parts were at the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival (in the time of artistic director Gidon Kremer), the Orchestra Academy of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the bayerische kammerphilharmonie Augsburg, Deutsche Grammophon and the Impresariat Simmenauer.

I know the unique lifestyle and everyday challenges of the musicians very well and I love to make it easier with my work!

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